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Expert advice at your fingertips and a powerful community by your side.

Hello Legend, welcome to the Maxx Members Lounge. 
Take a seat, grab your coffee and let’s chat about all things running a business! 

What are three things every business owner needs?

  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs around you to bounce your crazy ideas off, ask if this looks amazing or even a shoulder to cry on.
  • A team of experts to help you keep your finger on the pulse with the ever-growing business world, social media algorithms and scaling/growth techniques.
  • Fun networking and coworking events to keep you accountable.

What if we told you that you can have all this, without a huge budget!

That’s right, as little as $29 PER MONTH?

You will feel like you are face to face enjoying smashed avo on toast with your biz bestie.

although the lounge is virtual,

AKA less than the price of your weekly takeaway coffee.

So, who the heck is Maxx Marketing and the team of experts

Does this sound like you...

You just have to be up for discovering your Maxx.

A heart-led agency that dares to care founded by Emma Williams (aka @sociallyem) with over 10 years' experience and three successful businesses.

Driven by a team of more than 30 women and rockstar problem solvers, we’re a full-service creative marketing agency that thrives on small business success. And that’s because we’ve danced in your shoes.

We know what it's like when you’re just starting out with no budget or plan, and we know what it takes to achieve maxx results.

We do what we do because we’ve felt the same pull you feel now. The pull for more, the pull for something different, the pull to create something that’s just for you, something that could change your life.
And if we can help even one person believe in themselves enough to just bloody start, we’ll count that as a successful day at the office.
We believe in community over competition, collaboration over comparison, trusting yourself always, and that there’s room out there for everyone to succeed.

that are going to lead you to success?

You have an epic product or service

That needs to be MAXXimised but you are getting dismal results on socials.


You want to learn how to leverage

You feel alone, isolated and need

Organic marketing strategies to really grow and scale your business to reach your full potential.

A sounding board? Love working for yourself but wish you could talk to people that walk the same path as you.


Organic marketing strategies to really grow and scale your business to reach your full potential.


A sounding board? Love working for yourself but wish you could talk to people that walk the same path as you.

to increase your revenue. 

You feel lost as hell and just need a membership that is going to provide it all in ONE PLACE.



Wishing you knew how to showcase your products or service in other avenues of marketing

Be a part of a community that keeps you accountable

Invest in yourself to further your skills and business growth

Get all your business advice from one membership

Well shiver me timbers you hit the nail on the head!

*No lock in contract. Cancel anytime


Choose your type of admission into the

We told you.. It was the whole kit and kaboodle.

We have thought of everything you’ll ever need as a business owner. 

Our Clients

found my voice...

There are so many people out there saying do this, do that etc... Maxx Marketing has really made it easy to grow your social media with simple easy to use steps that don’t want to make your head explode.  We all know the joys of Instagram and the beast it can be. I love how easy Em and the team make it to grow your business and social media. I have grown 50% on Instagram and sales 48% since discovering Maxx Marketing. 

Rylee - Morgan & bear

i quit my job!

They don’t do a “cookie cutter approach,” everything they do, even including group classes or courses, feels like it’s tailored to you. You never leave feeling more confused, you always leave feeling really empowered, confident and excited to take on whatever it is you’re needing to do.
With the help of Maxx Marketing I was able to grow my business to 6 figures in 12 months and quit my job. 

Candice Barber 

sold out in a week...

I chose SociallyEm/Maxx Marketing because of the huge engagement and trust that they have offered me. They don’t just see my business or my little account as another number, they saw me as an important customer, like your child that you had to nurture. There is no other marketing agency or coach in my eyes.



You have two types of currency in life

time or money

You have the time to throw yourself into the deep end and learn absolutely everything there is to know about every department of your business; wholesale, social media, email marketing etc to grow your business.
Or you have the money to spend on experts to do it for you!

This is one of the phrases we often tell our customers when they are stuck, which is why we implemented this membership that caters to both types of currencies.

You can either spend the time seeking all the answers amongst multiple courses and platforms or you can save time for a low-cost investment and get it delivered to you each week in one app. Two birds with one stone! #iknowwereallydidthinkofitall

Leanne - Lime and Mortar

Hear from our community



Roll out the red carpet

Most popular




Kick starts my business goals! 

budget friendly 


per month

Choose your type of admission into the

*No lock in contract. Cancel anytime


What’s the main difference between VIP and General Admission? 

It’s like going to your favourite cocktail lounge and always looking at those roped off areas and seeing how much fun they are having! They both receive the weekly email and lesson as well as the dedicated community thread access on the app. BUT the VIP also gets the coworking sessions, guest experts, live check-ins, exclusive offers and discounts and MORE! If you are seeking the connection, networking and accountability every business owner not only needs, but deserves, then the VIP package is for you.

Do you charge a joining or cancellation fee?

ZILCH baby! We believe that not one size fits all and we want you to come freely into our world, try it and fall in love, but if circumstances change you can leave without the dreaded cancellation fees.

Who is this membership best suited to?

Creative Founders that have an epic product or service.
Entrepreneurs that believe in their ideas.
CEO’s of already thriving businesses that want the current trends and support
Social media managers/virtual assistants that want to further their skills within the industry,
From startups to scaling businesses, you don’t know what you don’t know! So, it's imperative you keep your finger on the pulse while also building a network of like-minded supporters around you.

What will be different from the membership vs the advice we currently offer on social media/email? 

Have you ever heard the saying… you give them enough to show them you are GOOD but not enough that you give the cookie away for free?
Our socials will always be a place full of marketing and business tips but what the membership will offer is the whole batch of cookies, along with a seat at the table for other leading experts to share their expertise with you.

The members lounge will also have a place that you can feel seen, heard and connected on so many different levels.

Social media is very “one way” right… it’s daunting popping into someone's DMs.

Not in our membership, we embrace you with a warm hug and want to see your questions and conversations.

How much time is required?

Consuming the email and watching the video each week would take on average 30 minutes. However, the more you put into it and attend the expert sessions, coworking, lives etc the more you will get out of it.

This membership is different to others because it provides ongoing support including face to face (well over zoomy). We want you to feel seen, heard and kept accountable all while providing all the goodness for you to learn and implement.

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel at any time.
Your access to the membership portal will be revoked at the end of your billing period. This includes access to prior lessons as part of the VIP Members Library.

Can I ask questions?

You bet you can! We have a dedicated community thread that you can chat amongst other business owners as well as a dedicated thread each week to ask us any questions regarding that particular topic. PLUS 3x LIVE Q&A session in the VIP package per month.

Take the leap!
Invest in yourself to better your skills, knowledge and build your network and connections.